"What Mr. Mencken says against democracy"

"CATHOLIC theology has nothing to do with democracy, for or against it, in the sense of a machinery of voting or a criticism of particular privileges. It is not committed to support what Whitman said for democracy, or even what Jefferson or Lincoln said for democracy. But it is absolutely committed to contradict what Mr. Mencken says against democracy. There will be Diocletian persecutions, there will be Dominican crusades, there will be rending of all religious peace and compromise, or even the end of civilization and the world, before the Catholic Church will admit that one single moron, or one single man, “is not worth saving.””

~G.K. Chesterton: The Thing. (H.L. Mencken remarked of certain ex-liberals, “They have come to realize that the morons whom they sweated to save do not want to be saved, and are not worth saving.”)