The Outline of Sanity

“THE practical tendency of all trade and business today is towards big commercial combinations, more imperial, more impersonal, more international than many a communist commonwealth.” ~G.K. Chesterton

“G.K. Chesterton was one of those masters who charted a course for us back to the real and the normal, and whose counsel is available to us through a thorough reading of “The Outline of Sanity.” This is “not” another book about the dissolution of the West. It is rather a book that pulls the plug on the lies; it draw lines and makes distinctions. It does so in order to highlight feasible and wholly attainable remedies for our very precarious situation…. Chesterton begins his “Outline” by attacking the illusions that clutter our lives and thus pollute our thinking. He begins at the beginning, which means talking about the mess that both Capitalism and Socialism have made of the world. He explains what these ‘isms’ are and what they are leading to inexorably.” ~from the Preface, by Directors of IHS Press.

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