"The largest danger of our age"

"Nobody sees the largest danger of our age: it is too simple. It is simply that the rich are slowly enslaving the poor, partly by industrial despotism, partly by scientific benevolence, partly by State officialism. As in the dark ages a feudal tower might rise higher and higher over a wider and wider crowd of cottages, so in our time the tall silk hat is, in fact, rising higher and higher over a wider and wider sea of cloth caps. It may be a doctor's hat, or a capitalist's, or a politician's. I care nothing. It is made of silk."

~G.K. Chesterton: Daily News (Feb. 25, 1911)

(h/t Mike Miles)

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  1. Add to the list the leaders of the institutional Catholic Church.

    The danger to the faith, to the eternal soul, is greater than the dangers to the body.