"The genius of St. Patrick"

"IRELAND was not converted but created by Christianity, as a stone church is created; and all its elements were gathered as under a garment, under the genius of St. Patrick. It was the more individual because the religion was mere religion, without the secular conveniences. Ireland was never Roman, and it was always Romanist."

~G.K. Chesterton: A Short History of England.

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  1. And hence the sad nature of Ireland today. Ireland, like Quebec, isn't a "nation" (keeping in mind of course that Quebec isn't politically a nation) with a lot of Catholics. Rather, it exist only because it is Catholic. Without its Catholicism, it isn't.

    Modern Irish and modern Quebecois have forgotten that. The Irish haven't fallen as far as the Quebecois, but they started falling more recently. By embracing the modern secular world, they've started to embrace an identity that will render their own nonexistent, should it continue to develop as we've seen this past year.