Sed Ex Deo Nati Sunt

God, in an idle mood one day
Fashioned His image out of clay,
And as He turned the lovely head,
“I will put Reason there,” He said,
And whispered as He set the eyes,
“Be very wise, be very wise.”

And as He formed the tender lips
With beauty-feeling finger tips,
“Be open, Ephphatha,” He cried,
“Tell of My glory far and wide.”
And softly as the ears He laid,
“Be unafraid, be unafraid.”

And swiftly as the body grew,
The hands within His own He drew,
“I will place power here,” and pressed
The upturned palms to East and West;
“I give him freedom of the will,
For good or ill, for good or ill.”

The slender feet He firmly made
One over other gently laid;
“The feet of him who brings good news
Bathed in the cool of mountain dews,
Earth shall they walk and shall not stray
The narrow way, the narrow way."

The Father said, “This is my Son,”
And breathed the breath of life thereon.
“Him first and last of all things made,
Angels shall worship;” and He bade
Michael, Gabriel, Uriel stand
On either hand, on either hand.

When God had made the perfect Man,
The Word with Him ere worlds began,
There rushed the flaming fires of heaven
Athwart the mighty planets seven
And fell in showers of starry mirth
His Peace on earth, His Peace on earth.

~Frances Chesterton: in G.K.’s Weekly