"Educational English is not at all the same as educated English"

“WHAT is the matter with English Education is that it is discussed in Educational English. Even criticism of Education, even complaints of Education, even confessions by educationists of the inadequacy of education, are all uttered in educational English. Educational English is not at all the same as educated English. It is a curious sort of technical jargon, possibly necessary and suitable to a science or a trade, but casting, as do all such terminologies, a curious air of coldness and unreality upon all that is discussed. It is not the style in which anybody talks, even when it is the style in which somebody unfortunately speaks. It is not the style in which educationists themselves talk, when they are talking as educated people and not as educationists. This can be felt in the way in which the very words used tend to contradict their own meaning; as in the word “individual” in some sweeping generalisation about “giving individual attention.””

~G.K. Chesterton: Illustrated London News, April 4, 1936.