"Sex is an instinct that produces an institution"

"SEX is an instinct that produces an institution; and it is positive and not negative, noble and not base, creative and not destructive, because it produces this institution. That institution is the family; a small state or commonwealth which has hundreds of aspects, when it is once started, that are not sexual at all. It includes worship, justice, festivity, decoration, instruction, comradeship, repose. Sex is the gate of that house; and romantic and imaginative people naturally like looking through a gateway. But the house is very much larger than the gate. There are indeed a certain number of people who like to hang about the gate and never get any further."

~G.K. Chesterton: G.K.’s Weekly, Jan 29, 1928.

(h/t: Eric Matthews)


  1. The extent to which Chesterton seems to be writing in our own era, right now, continues to amaze me.

    1. I couldn't agree more; it's absolutely fascinating.