"Mr. Chesterton’s politics"

“BRIEFLY, I think we may summarize Mr. Chesterton’s politics by saying that he is a Tory of the seventeenth or early eighteenth century, born out of his due time. In the Cabinet of Bolingbroke he would have found quite a sympathetic atmosphere. He would have found men, by comparison with their opponents at any rate, sympathetic with the national aspirations of the Native Irish. He would have found men who disliked Imperialism and foreign complications, and held that our fleets and armies ought to confine their energies to the defence of the actual soil of England. He would have found men who hated plutocracy and the power of riches created by trade, who loved the life of the cornfields and desired a free peasantry. But, alas! He was born two centuries too late, and by dint of keeping so far behind his time has acquired the reputation of an advanced Radical.”

 ~Cecil Chesterton: G.K. Chesterton: a Criticism.

G.K. Chesterton at age 31